About ABC Juice Company

Arabian Beverage Company was founded in 1961 specializing in manufacturing sparkling beverages. Over the years in line with the market and consumer trends, ABC has successfully launched a range of healthy, good for you beverages for every occasion in Juices, Drinks, Milks and Water. ABC a brand that delivers on quality promotes a healthy lifestyle and cares about the environment.

The Business Challenge

ABC has multiple Applications in HO datacenter. The HQ office provides shared IT services. The VMware infrastructure includes ERP, Oracle, SQL , Web server, Domain Controllers, Exchange & other production servers and approximately 40 virtual machines (VMs) that contain the supporting systems for the dependent LOB Apps.

ABC goal was to find a comprehensive yet cost-effective approach that would keep both recovery time and total cost of ownership as low as possible.

Arab Technologies has implemented a hot site Disaster Recovery approach to protect the most critical databases ERP, Oracle, SQL, Web server, Domain Controllers, Exchange & other production servers.

The solution includes:


  1. Hybrid Networking ( VPN, VPC Peering, 3rd Party Web Application Firewalls, 3rd Party Firewall)
  2. Workload Sync: Using Oracle Data Guard, SQL Always on, Exchange.

This approach provides the below benefits:

  1. Low RTO: Recovery Time Objective
  2. Low RPO: Recovery Point Objective
  3. Optimal TCO: Total cost of ownership
  4. Simple failover/failback process